Professionals industry and companies

I propose to you to be at the service of your company for the realization of quality photographs which make it possible to value your visuals, in a thematic related to your communication strategy. During these works I will use all my technical and artistic skills to obtain a result that meets your wishes.

Representative photographs of your activity

With photography you will highlight the know-how of your company. The images of a reportage of the follow-up on the stages of the manufacture of a product make it possible to show all the technologies used, in particular in the management of the quality, and thus to value your products. All photographic techniques and my experience will be an asset to bring out the relevant information.

The presentation of the finished product.

The photographs allow you to present the important details and characteristics of the products. The neat shooting and the quality of the images reinforce the global appreciation of the products. I realize the photographs of your products on the spot, in the frame that you want or that we can define together, integrating it in an environment and with the objects or elements wished.

to be seen

The logo allows you to instantly identify a brand. In the same way the photography of the head of company or that of a key actor of an activity or a production in direct contact with the customer, are excellent vectors of communication. These strong images will impose themselves to a customer when he wants a product that your company is able to provide. My job is to produce images that are adapted, easily identifiable and rich in content that will best convey the message you want to make. My experience as a portrait photographer and artist photographer, my sense of observation and my analytical mind are my major assets to win these challenges of communication through the image.

Event Photojournalism

The life of a company experiences privileged moments or important events, parties, distinctions. These are special meetings between the actors of the same company or professional partners, in a friendly environment favoring exchanges. I propose to follow you during these moments using a photojournalistic approach emphasizing dynamism by the very nature of the occasion.

I live in Melgven in Finistère, to stay close to Concarneau, The proximity of the express voice Brest Lorient, allows me to move easily all year even in summer.